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SAFE COMMUNICATION…NOW POSSIBLE!! [Linksys Dual-Band Broadband Router - 127668]

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SAFE COMMUNICATION…NOW POSSIBLE!! By Alen Annoyed by all the spam mails, hackers, identity thefts which are prevalent on the internet today? How about having your own private network, through which you could connect to your friends and business associates? Well…. That’s possible today! And the name of the genie that can make it possible is virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is a very private communication gateway formed between two users over the internet, it firewalls you and does very strong encryption thereby making it virtually impossible for others to get into your network or read its content. Isn’t it a wonderful way to communicate? I believe it truly is! But before you hop into the VPN bandwagon take a look at what are the software & hardware requirements. Firstly and most importantly you would need a computer with VPN software installed & then you would need a router, which will act as your gateway to other computers on the network. Getting VPN software installed is the easy part, but what is more important is to get a VPN router. This problem has been solved with the advent of broadband as now broadband service provides have added VPN servers to their broadband routers. It is pertinent to note at this juncture that VPN services don’t come cheap, but if you consider what it can do for you, then the cost is surely minimal. So get in touch with broadband service providers who specialize in VPN solutions and take your first step into a safe yet effortless communication environment. Alen 11broadband