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Need help .......choosing a Switch [Linksys EF2S16 EtherFast II 10/100 16-Port Switch - 105958]

I want to connect my home network 4 pc's / one sound server / two linksys wireless access points laptops pdas vistors etc / linksys wireless-wired print server to my BT Broadband Router (inteligent gateway 1800)which has 4 ports 1 usb & wireless access Should I just connect 1 good switch (please recommend) to the router then all the other pc's and access points / print server etc to the switch... Seem to have got an network topographical mess with static ip's and dhcp combinations of wireless access points plugged directly into BT router and pc's plugged into basic netgear hub - uplinked to BT Router... Don't want to depend on a gateway pc for internet access or printing... like linksys products - quality and backing of Cisco...have other linksysy products... Please Help Advise PS beed it to be 1 RU and min 12 probably 16 ports for expansion....