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Linksys WCF12 + Pocket PC + IPAQ 3970 [Linksys WCF12 802.11b Wireless Compact Flash Card - 104082]

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I recently purchased a Sandisk SD WIFI card and just cannot get it to work at all. I have done eveything they say but no luck. I am thinking of RETURNING TO TO EXPANSYS FOR A REFUND!!!!! and exchanging it for the Linksys WCF12 but I was wondering whether the way I wanted to use would work: Basically I have the Navman GPS kit and I was wondering whether I could use it in the compact flash socket on there or would I need to get another jacket for my IPAQ to use the compact flash? Has anyone ideas to save me from going mad as I really want to make my IPAQ wireless enabled and something that works as the sandisk does not. I have recently bought a new access point 2 x PCMCIA WIFI card and a PCI WIFI card and that all works smoothly so thought I might be safe sticking with the same manufacturer. Any help please!!!! Thanks