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I am moving to a new house without phone connections in the rooms that we would propose to place the PC's Is it possible o enable 2 computers to access the internet (at separate times) utalising 1 BT phone line. The 2 (desktop) PC's are located in separate rooms without telephone connection points, I would like to enable them to access the internet utilising their internal dial up modems? Or utilising Belkin products the phone connection I would propose is in an upstairs bed room with 240 v power available local to the phone socket. 1 PC is in another upstairs bedroom 10 - 15 mts from the phone point 1 PC is in a downstairs bedroom 15 - 20 mts from the phone point Would it be possible to add a laptop at a later date And would be possible to upgrade to broadband at a later date utilising some or all of the equipment Current set up (In existing House) BT phone lines and 2 separate Freeserve ISP accounts 1 - 24/7, 1- payg n.b. I'm not allowed to run wires around carpet edges!!! Cheers Allan