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Path not found: IMPOSSIBLE TO BUILD WAY [Mio 168RS GPS Pocket PC - 122362]

I just bought Mio 168Rs pocket pc and gps, i put in the map of the par of US that we want. Mio conected to 8-10 different satelites, and it showed my location and it set it up as a location of origin. When i try to type in an addres to search for it just tels me this when i go to navigate Path not found: IMPOSSIBLE TO BUILD WAY. We live in a neighboruhud and it displays the streets that are there and when i click on the road in there close to me like 200 feet away from my house it displays a rout but when i try to click somewere else on the map like more than 1000 feet away then it gives me that warrning. And we tryid going to that street and the thing follows us and displays where we are but when we try from there to type something in it won't let us. If someone can help me solve this problem, thank you.