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TomTom3 and IPAQ 1940 [Mitac Mio 168 GPS PPC + TomTom - 113854]

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Hi, I have an IPAQ 1940 and have just bought the TomTom 3 GPS Navigation system. The problem is that the IPAQ does not seem to be reading the GPS signal. Ive tried all the usual stuff about placing the GPS receiver so that it has a clear sight of the sky. Ive tried the TomTom support service who havent a clue. Ive reinstalled the software. And all I get is a GPS Disabled message on the screen of the IPAQ. And, yes, Ive waited patiently for 45 mins (and a lot more) for the GPS to activate itself. Any ideas before I ask for my money back. Thanks
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Do you have a wired version of the TomTom? -- Michael - eXpansys