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Mitac Mio 168 and TomTom Navigator 5 SD card [Mitac Mio 168 GPS PPC + TomTom - 113854]

Hi, i seem to be having a problem. Battery went dead on Mitac Mio 168, recharged and placed Tomtom navigator 5 SD card into unit. All seemed fine but when i drive my car i am not being picked up by GPS once i start driving. it seems to be fine when stationary but whilst driving it always seems to be plotting another route as it seems that the GPS can't keep up with me, (even though i have a full GPS signal, using other cable nmea gps). Also once GPS has locked on, any commands with the Tomtom menu seem to take 45-60 seconds to work. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know if i need to change any settings anywhere? Please help or this could end up on a motorway near you soon!