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Car installation for motorola 2700 [Motorola 2700 - 101059]

  • hcyow
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Hi, I just purchased a motorola international 2700 car phone and am looking for the car installation manual (which cable connects to which cable and etc)... appreciate if you could share with me if the installation manual is available somewher in the web.... thanks...
  • justcarkits
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Motorola car kits/phones should have the following wiring: Red - Permanent 12V Green - Ignition switched 12V Black - Ground Orange - Radio mute - open collector output These colours haven't changed since 1984......though you can never say they won't..!!



I have two of these phones in my vehicles and both wiring looms are as follows

red x2  permanent 12v

green/black .....Earth

yellow black ....not connected

transceiver end plug  two blacks which go to earth


its either wired up wrong or in 94 they changed their colour codes!

Any ideas on that colour coding?