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GPRS Network Unavailable??? [Motorola L6i - 126842]

  • Theresa04
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Whenever I try to use the internet on the phone i get the error message that "GPRS Network is unavailable". I am not able to send or recieve any mms messages. I get an error message that says unable to download. I have sent a message to tech support here with no answer. I have only had the phone a few days and I am getting very angry that this situation has not improved. Can someone please help me?
  • andria96
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did you go under the web sessions menu and make the web browser for your carrier as teh default web browswer?    menu -web acess- web session- find your carriers web seesion (mine is AT&T so its MEDIA NET.  High light it and press menu.  then it says set to default. Click it. that should fix it.  .  your phone didn't know what browser to use.  thats what I had to do after playing with my phone for awhile
  • Theresa04
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I had tried that unsuccessfully. Unfortunatly I had to send the phone back because no one could get it to work. Thank you though.
  • anitalg
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if you cant send or receieve mms either, it sounds like you needed to contact your network to get your mms and gprs settings sent to the handset.