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Phone recognition and Live Update problems. [Motorola Mobile PhoneTools® - 115013]

  • carenza
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I have installed the latest driver (3.2.0) and if I just plug the phone into the computer it sees it and start charging it.

 I have installed mpt404b on a W98 (without internet connection) in the past and it worked fine then.

 I have installed it on a Vista machine and now having problems :-

 1) When I start MPT I get a small pop-up with "Update Error" as the title and the contents of the box are "Unknown Error"

 2) If I close that box MPT starts up but when I try to connect my pone (same phone that worked on the Wp8 machine) it says it did not recognise it and do I want to try Live Update but if I say yes I get the error in (1).


Any tips.