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PC820 & XP SP2 issues [Motorola Mobile PhoneTools® - 115013]

  • steveadsl
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I have bought my son an E1000 for Xmas along with PC820, everything loads ok and I can pair the phone with the PC via BT BUT, Phone tools V3 ignores the connection so it won't initialise correctly when you set the phone in discovery mode. I have 2 BT icons in the applications window on the start bar, one says it can't find a blue tooth connection and one sees the phone as conected but only allows file transfer etc. I imagine my problem is with XP SP2 cos the same symtoms occur with my daughters V600 and her laptop. Assistance appreciated Regards Steve Additional for any one else having problems Check out It appears that my problem was with SP2 and BT, SP2 installs its own BT drivers, just follow the link above and there is clear guidance as to what to do to resolve the problem.
  • ktmrider
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I'm having the same problems as you with pc820 V3 and an E1000 except I'm not as computer literate as you are so I'm not sure what part of the weblink you provided I need to use as I'm not sure when it talks about the device wether it is on about the BT dongle or the Phone. Any chance you can point me in the right direction please? Cheers Kev