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V3xx Media Finder Catalog Error. HELP! [Motorola RAZR V3xx - 143797]

I purchased a 2GB Kingston microSD for my V3xx.  I already put over 1GB of music on it and the phone was able to read, update, and play the files perfectly.  Now out of nowhere, when I try using the media player, I get the message "Error Update: Media Finder Catalog Needs to Be Rebuilt."  This only happens when the memory card is in the phone, and I cannot access any files (such as pictures) even if they are stored to the phone's memory.  I tried taking the memory card in and out, turning the phone on and off, and I even restored the factory settings on the phone.  Can anyone please help me?
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Could it be the memory card is corrupt?  Has anyone got a memory card you could borrow to check that out?