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driver for motorola w375 [Motorola W375 - 138471]

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Este telemovel vem equipado com um cabo de dados, mas contudo não trás nenhum CD para ser instalado! Precisava de encontrar as drives, pois o meu sistema operativo é o 98 SE.
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thank you very much for this sofware
Nobody knows where that drivers are? If anyone got it please reply
inkpapercafe - which operating system?
Sorry. Windows Xp Pro 32bit
It''s going to have to be motorola direct I''m afraid.
I GOT Motorola Phone Tools 4.6.3.c but nothing!
I mean CONTACT motorola and ask them for the drivers. They haven''t got it on their website, and I don''t imagine someone is sitting in their basement purposefully writing a driver just for you and this phone, so CONTACT motorola and ASK them.
Thank you for listening. Phone Client Support confirmed me there''s NO WAY to use w375 with Mobile Phone Tools and pc, and there will be no further developments in order to make it.
You have got to be kidding me!! Have you managed to find any other utilities around that will work with your phone? I''ll keep my eye out while I trawl the net, if I find any decent s/w I will post back on here.
I didn''t find anything for the purpose. I''m very disappointed. This is the last Moto I buy. It''s not a useful phone.