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Presales query [MWg Zinc II - 170990]

  • LKC
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I am considering purchasing a MWg Zinc II. I live in Ireland but am due to head to Australia shortly.The purchase price is slightly cheaper in Ireland as it's on special offer.Apparently the expansys warranty is international.If worse case scenario I had to avail of the warranty in Australia, would this be allowed for an Irish albeit expansys purchased phone.

Also I presume that the handset itself is exactly the same no matter which expansys retailer I purchase it from- ie there arent any subtle differences between the australian and irish handset which would have important implications for network connectivity.

Preumably the AC adapter is the same.Obviously the plugs are regional.

I know the HTC Dual has been discontinued. I presume the MWg Zinc II is still being retailed in Oz?

Thank you,


  • Yoni
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I just had a quick look at the stock situation, unfortunately, it looks like we have sold out. 

And it is about to be discontinued on site. 

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