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N60i GPS WON'T CONNECT WITH UNIT [Navman N60i NavPix GPS - 142471]

Only had unit 2 days - not in tutoral mode - maps are there, in fact everything is there including the GPS rising poles, however after 1.5 hours sitting in the heat in my car, no buildings, no trees, not a cloud in the sky, the unit still will not connect. HELP PLEASE!!!!
For the information of all. Took the unit to Navman Service who advise they intend to replace it with another new unit. Looks like it was just a "lemon" which I suppose can happen. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is, that Navman once they confirmed it was a "lemon" they have decided to replace it. I still don''t have the replacement unit yet, however I would assume they will check same before giving it to me.