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Has anyone had a problem with 1GB SD Cards? [Navman PiN Value Pack - 115935]

  • craigcj
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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with 1GB SD cards, or if someone uses a 1GB card, and has no problems. If you had/didnt have a problem with 1GB SD cards with the navman, could you post a reply? Thanks!
  • Michael
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Not heard of anyone having any problems with the PiN and a 1GB card. -- Michael - eXpansys
Hi Craig,I've a Mitac Mio 168 which I believe is technically the same hardware asn the pin300. I've been using a 128M MMC card and have recently upgraded this to a 1gig RiData 55x speed SD card. However I have noticed that the new SD card seems to take longer to access. I've run a bench mark and the new 1gig SD card is showing a read/wite slower that the MMC, ie 1.6 speed. If you search the web there ussually compatiblity lists ? I can't find any technical spec's and the mitac tech support mailer doesn't seem to work, so still looking, don't know if this helps try