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not sure what I need [Netgear WGE111UK 54 Mbps Wireless Game Adaptor - 107540]

  • ho
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I am trying to set up a wireless network to sit behind my ADSL router/firewall. The idea is to allow any wireless devices to access the internet without a PC switched on as the gateway. The question is whether this wireless bridge is all I need or do I need an access point as well? I am assuming a wireless bridge acts both as a bridge and as an access point?
  • dawsonas
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Not quite. The bridge basically has a single 10/100 interface and converts that to wireless - it doesn't have DHCP etc built in and would need a seperate router to provide that. If you want to support multiple devices from anywhere then you need a wireless router or a wireless access point connected to the router - to this you could connect additional bridges. Bridges are really designed to offer wireless support for devices which either don't have wireless built in and cannot be readily converted to use wireless (say with a PCMCIA or CF adapter). You can attach a hub behind a bridge as well to support multiple devices through the bridge to the wireless world though this can be a bit flaky depending upon the hub.