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Wireless Bridging [Netgear WGE111UK 54 Mbps Wireless Game Adaptor - 107540]

The question is similar to Ho's; I've got the DG834G wireless-firewall-router-etc, which is happily serving 'puters that are both physically and wirelessly attached to it. No I want to connect a separate network to it - That is I've got two locations that are sufficiently far apart to make cabling a chore...The hard part is that I want the DG834 to hand out IP addresses to the other network (across the wireless link). I've already tried (and failed) with an Access Point (the Netgear '602). Does anyone know if the WGE101 will do what I'd like, or do I need to have a separate DHCP on the other network with a more intelligent bridge? OS is W2K. Cheers, P
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Paul, see the reply to Hos original. Looking at what you have outlined here a bridge should be ok as you already have the wireless router setup and this is exactly the sort of setup I have.