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  • drlokman
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camera ouality and pixel is not enough .0.5 pixel is not enough exactly . ı dont understand really what s the reason 6630 have 1.3 pixel(that is avaliable phone in market) ,the luxury version 8800 is 0.5 pixel( it is not avaliable yet). it must be 1.3 or more pixel to catch ideal photo quality .Also mmc card upgradebly capacity is not enough it s just 64 mb .it must be upgradebly 512 or 1 gb. if they change camera pixel size and more upgradebla mmc card it will be more beatiful and powerfull phone
  • rotophoto
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i must say that i don't really care about the camera quality. i've been through the standard vga phones over the last couple of years (3650, t610 [i know this is actually even worse quality] and i'm now using a v80). i very rarely take photos, and even more rarely transfer them onto computer. as long as they look good on the phone's screen, that's all that matters to me. with a very high resolution on the new breed of nokias, photos should look very crisp, not to mention the help of a 262k coloud screen. i suppose they could have put in a 1.3mp camera, but there must have been serious cost limitations - with all these watchmaking techniques used in manufacturing the phone, a scratch-resistant screen etc, they must have reached a limit and compromises probably had to be made. i wouldn't even care if they didn't include a camera. some things like bluetooth are handy in transferring data such as contacts etc, and obviously for handsfree purposes. simplicity is one of the key features of the high end phones (88/8900 series). anything extra is a bonus.
Here here - actually I wish they would leave cameras (especially bad ones) out of top-end phones and reduce bulk and weight! Personal preference would be they do everything they do brilliantly and don't muddy the package by doing a few things badly. Nokia seem to think bunging in a rubbish camera adds to the appeal - am not convinced. And MP3 and radio? Well nice to have, but they have to sound great. A top end phone should not make compromises and we can bet this will be priced highly, esp. without a contract.
  • enquiry
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I have problems with network reception on my Nokia 8800.Please help.
  • selene
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Enquiry - can you be a bit more specific about the problem please? Selene -- Forum Search
  • selene
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But back on topic...... I'm afraid that I agree with bogstomper and rotophoto. The music player and radio are a definite must have in any handset these days IMO but they really should not have put a camera in it. Cameras in phones are gimmicky but that's just my personal opinion :-) Selene -- Forum Search
  • imaran786
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