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possible solution for pc suite/bluetooth problems [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • vix2000
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Try this. It worked for me after trying everything else. Follow exactly though. hope it helps.
  • Mitch78
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Hey Vix2000: The solution you offered seems really good, but the drivers are not longer available on the links offered on the instructions. Do you think I can get them from you through this forum or by email??? Thanks a lot
  • Frosti
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  • Location: Toronto
It works! Respect to All!
  • brainwalker
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Hi guyz, I was trying to update my Widcomm driver but couldnt make it work. I just need to know if my dongle supports new version of the driver(v4.0.1.2800) or am i doing something wrong wth the installing procedures. Here's my system specifications ... Bluetooth driver : v1.4.2 Build 10 (Came wth the dongle ... works fine) Bluetooth Dongle: Kensington Bluetooth USB Adapter - 33085A (supports Bluetooth v1.2) WinXP SP2 It would be really helpful if someone could help me. Thanx.
  • imaran786
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