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Nokia 8800 leather case [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • absrnd
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got this Bugatti leather case at my local ebay, it looks pretty good and sturdy, it has a megnetic clip to close, I heard some talk about the magnetic clip to have some influence on the phone, well I will see what happens, (my digicam also has a magnetic close clip and never had any trouble with that). it is open at the underside so you can charge while in the case (don't know why you want to do that with the nice table charger it came with :D ). the fit is pretty snug, and the belt clip can be rotated in 8 diff ways, it is not a closed clip and you just slide it into your belt, (so it would also be able to get of by someone else :eek: ). it can be easely be removed when taking a call, as most others are completely closed and you have to fiddle to get the 8800 out. and for the corners to be open..well I thought if you buy a super looking phone, you want to let people see you have it and show off a bit :cool: of the leather cases I've seen this looks the best one yet, but as the 8801 is about to be released I won't be surprised if there are more and better and shiny designed cases to be released soon, let hope so I give this two thumbs up :2thumbs: Xeno
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