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Nokia 8800 MMS/WAP SETTINGS Help Needed Urgently [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

Heres the story, My dad brought me back the phone from singapore, in the phone nokia 8800 the settings for wap/mms are for singapore, but i need to add the australian service provider, if someone could please give me info on how they have setup the nokia8800 with wap&mms through optus prepaid, ive heard u need a ip address & a http address if someone who already has this information please let me know how i can get mine setup thanx alot guys, as i have called optus & they dont have the phone settings available yet but i know they are out there. Thanx again
  • slybacon
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  • Join Date: 7 July 2004,,49627,00.html Go to the above address and nokia will send the settings out to you.
thank you very much :) i called everyone & no one told me i could just get it off the site :) thanx man really appriciate it :)
  • imaran786
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