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Enabling GPRS access to Collection Applications [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • modofac
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Hi guys, I've just upgraded from a 6230 to a 8800 on Vodafone (UK), and used to use WAP and GPRS features a lot - I use WAP mainly to check email on the move and sports scores, but linked to that I also play around with mobile betting. I've got the 8800, everything's enabled on my account with Vodafone, and browsing through Nokia's built in web browser seems to work fine (eg Vodafone Live), however any program I've downloaded to the Collection can't seem to connect to the outside world (I'm referring specifically to Opera Mini and VCBet's mobile client here - both of which worked flawlessly on my 6230). Both programs should run on the 8800 according to their websites, yet when I run them, the phone tries to connect via GPRS (it asks for my confirmation to allow this), yet nothing happens and it just sits there with the letter G in the corner. Anyone else had a similar problem and know of a work-around? I suspect it's a fatal firmware glitch, though I am running 3.61 which I thought was the most up to date... Thanks in advance, modofac
  • gs160
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Hello I too am experiencing the same problems in accessing Opera Mini on my Nokia 8800 (on Vodafone UK) - has anyone got any ideas as to what is required/what the problem is? Thanks
  • ajc1981
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this will be your problem... "Opera Mini is currently available only in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Germany. Wider availability will be announced."
I downloaded opera mini the other day after reading about it on here (beta v1.1.2421 build 20051123) and it works without any problems. I didn't even set anything up. I am on Voda too with GPRS etc enabled. The only thing you might want to try is the settings menu, configurations: there are two settings, the default config should be set to voda and then the next one is use default in all apps. Give that a ping and maybe it will allow opera to pick up the settings.
  • imaran786
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