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Think again [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • kenmckean
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  • Join Date: 12 January 2004
Anyone thinking of the 8800 should seriously consider the battery life of this phone. Its a lovely looking thing but that's where it stops ! Nothing else is out of the 'ordinary' in terms of facilities but more to the point the battrey life is absolute rubbish - why do you think Nokia give you two batteries ? can you think of another phone that does this. Ken
  • Frosti
  • Posts: 39
  • Join Date: 26 September 2005
  • Location: Toronto
YES, 8800's battery sucks and its a fact! I have no idea why they would implement a better one. But for sure, the one they have now - is a f**king crap! =============== Respect to All!
  • Frosti
  • Posts: 39
  • Join Date: 26 September 2005
  • Location: Toronto
I'm sooooooooooo mad! People are spending a big money for this cell phone, and what they get? They get a s**tty batteries. Maybe the issue is not in a battery itself, but god, for this kind of cell phone, people shouldn't have that problems! =============== Respect to All!
  • 401kill
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You guys got 2 batterys? I only recieved one with mine. Samsung also give two batterys with most their phones to answer your other question.
  • imaran786
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Good inromation