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Problem with lost contacts in phone - help! [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

Hi all I just got my 8800 and love it, but was having problems seeing the contacts in the PC suite (I was using the one on the cd but have now downloaded the 6.7 from Nokia). So I realised that the application can't see any contacts in the SIM. I copied all the contacts on the sim into memory and they all appeared back in the PC Suite. I next spent som hours tidying up: deleting old ones, combining old entries where I had multiples on the same name etc, and updated the phone - which seemed to work. Then I went on the phone to create groups and put contacts in them (can't be done in PC Suite?) when I found that most of the contacts were missing. If I went into the group properties and add contacts, scrolling down crashed out at the end of the a's, but scrolling up produced a random list of contacts, but loads were missing in the phone and shoing up in the suite. Anyway, I cut my losses and tried to delete them all and start again. but now I've got contacts in the phone that I can't see in the PC Suite or in the phone - I set up a profile to sync outlook contacts and it seems to sync about 100 contacts, but the phone book is still empty and the pc suite says empty too. If I look at the memory usage its cranking up and during sync the phone is saying it has 250 records. If I create a new contact on the phone and store it in memory, as soon as I navigate away it becomes invisible but will show up in the contacts of the pc browser. Creating in the sim works on the phone, but will not show up on the PC. Sorry this has been long winded, but how do I firstly purge the memory on the phone and then get my contacts into memory properly and showing in PC suite?
Well I fixed this after a couple of false starts. I didn't really want to use Outlook contacts as a basis, but it was a worthwile exercise to tidy up my contacts db on there. Then I deleted all contacts from phone and sim, switch to use phone memory only, then did a one way sync. Then created the groups, assigned the contacts to them then did a bi-directional sync (the group info doesn't show in outlook or the contacts app - but says its updating). Now it seems OK.
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