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Question for owners with v3.78 firmware [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • selene
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I got my husband a Nokia 8800 (on Vodafone) yesterday. It came with firmware v3.78 Can anyone who has this version confirm that when the handset is in standby, the left and right soft buttons don't work when pressed? The reason I ask is because my 8800 is still on v3.28 and when I press the soft keys, it wakes up the phone. Just wanting to check that the handset isn't faulty. Also, I notice that in the configurations menu, GPRS has been replaced with Packet Data. Is this a vodafone thing or a firmware thing? Thanks
  • ajc1981
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firstly, my nokia, with recent firmware update to 3.78 does the same as your new phone, so nothing to worry about there. secondly, the gprs settings can be configured manually by checking your providers website...they normally send it to you via txt or something similar...try the nokia website too.
  • selene
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Thanks for the confirmation about the firmware :-) Re the GPRS thing, I'm not talking about the settings or how to configure the handset - I know how to do that already :-) If you go into the Connectivity menu, there are 3 options there - Bluetooth, GPRS and Data Transfer. However, on my husband's phone, these options are shown as Bluetooth, Packet Data and Data Transfer... It's not a huge deal now that I know it's just a firmware thing and not a problem with the actual handset
  • imaran786
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