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All problems must be solved by nwe firmware 3.94!!! [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • LuckyK3
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Hi all, Please let nokia service point load the newest firmware 3.94 at your phone. It will solve al problems on the nokia 8800. This is what nokia told me. Im using the 3.94 it works perfect till now. Regards, LuckyK3
hi, i just realised that my firmware is very old. where can i get my firmware upgraded? i'm located in london. cheers, pana
  • selene
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Go to the Nokia website and look up your nearest Nokia Service Centre - they should be able to sort it for you. If you are anywhere near Docklands, there is a service centre in Harbour Exchange that can do it for you while you wait Selene -- Forum Search
  • imaran786
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Good information you have been share thanks