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Alarm/calendar alert tones not working [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • Chiefy
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  • Join Date: 2 July 2004
Does anyone else have a problem where when you set an alarm using the standard tone it just loops the first part of some (spooky!) ringtone from the phone instead of the normal one? Similarly with the calendar function when I set an alarm for a reminder it plays part of a different ringtone once then just flashes silently. The bug has rendered the calendar alarm useless - I've just used another mp3 file for the alarm but its still not ideal (the normal one is annoying enough to wake me up pretty sharp in the mornings ;)). Tried a factory reset but it hasnt cured the problem.
  • vix2000
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  • Join Date: 6 August 2005
I have the same problem. The alarm is liveable but the calendar reminder alarm is useless. Might as well not have it. Have posted on a few forums and a few people have tried changing it but can't. Very strange for a top of the range phone. I would love to hear from anyone who's managed to fix this problem.
  • imaran786
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