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nokia 8800 water gone inside [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • 0200982
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hai there can anyone help,my phone has stopped working,some water has gone inside, took it to service station, was told motherboard needs to be changed, with another one, any suggestions how to fix this problem
  • selene
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Is there a reason why you won't let the service centre replace the motherboard? Selene -- Forum Search - you know you want to...
  • Danio
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i went to nokia service centre so they can change my burnt lcd screen and upgrade firmware. The employee warned me however if there is water inside the phone then warranty does not cover any damage due to this. They literally had a A3 sized lamentated paper on the table infront of me 'teaching' how even hairline cracks can allow water into the phone and Nokia is not liable for this under warranty!
  • reaper_gac
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Well, why should water be covered under warranty?? As far as im concerned if you allow to phone to come into contact with water then its your own fault. -------------------------------------- I'm in your base killing your doods!
  • selene
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If you have phone insurance that also has accidental cover, I'm sure water damage is covered otherwise it's not Selene -- Forum Search - you know you want to...
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