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Go To Call Register? [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

  • jinn0
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  • Join Date: 23 October 2006
On my nokia 8800, in the Go To menu, there is no shortcut to the call register items (i.e missed calls, received calls), neither can I add these things from the available list of shortcuts. This shortcus is available on the 6230, but not on my phone. I'm running firmware 3.78. Is there any other firmware version with this option available? Secondly I've somehow scratched the screen of my 8800 :(. The scratch doesnt seem deep and is hardly visible, but is there any way to remove it?
  • chunkster
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  • Location: England
In the to go menu i have a 'missed calls' and 'received calls' option i could choose. Im on v 03.94 Their is also a v 4.10 available. I would get an update done although be sure to back up your downloaded data as this will be lost when the firmware is carried out. As for the scratch you can buy creams from a good retailer that will remove shallow surface scratches although you must be careful. Try asking the Nokia Repair Service centre when you get the firmware if this is covered under the 2 year warranty or how much a new lcd will cost. Be happy !!