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About the product number and micro SD card [Nokia 9 PureView Dual-SIM TA-1087 DS - 315919]

Dear customer service representative

I am thinking of buying NOKIA 9 pureview.

Is the product number TA-1087 for international use?

Can I insert 2 sim cards and 1 micro SD card?

Also, can the slot of sim 2 be inserted with SiM card and micro SD card together?

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Hello yes, this is TA-1087. This model is a hybrid dual-sim, so can have 2 sims or 1 sim + 1 microSD.  Can't have 2 sims + microSD, unfortunately.

My modelTA-1087) is 2Sim.  However, the micro sd card is not a shape that can be set.  Is the shape of the Sim tray different?