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BH-503 Plays Dead [Nokia BH-503 Bluetooth Stereo Headset - 156330]

  • Rob Hills
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My BH-503 seems to play dead some of the time. I haven't worked out yet how I get it to wake up. It seems that if I leave the charger connected for ten minutes and the disconnect and reconnect it , that sometimes makes it come back to life.

Has anyone else experienced this? 


  • selene
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How long have you had the headset for?


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  • Rob Hills
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Hi Selene, I've only had the headset for a week. I don't want to send it back because I don't want to be without it. 

It works fine as long as I keep it charged. It seems that if the battery runs too flat then it won't charge.

 I have noticed that I can leave it connected to the charger for hours and still nothing happens. If I then repeatedly connect and disconnect the charger the red (charging) light will suddenly come on and after that it will charge normally and the indicator will eventually turn green to indicate a "full" charge. 

I have noticed though, that if I disconnect and reconnect the charger once the light has turned green it will go back to red again and resume charging. It seems I need to do this to get a charge that will last all day.  


  • Rob Hills
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As is so often the case, I fixed solved my on problem!

The manual doesn't document the case when the headset apparently goes to sleep but it does tell you how to perform a reset if it stops functioning, although it is charged:

To reset the headset if it stops functioning, although it is charged, plug the charger into the headset, and press and hold the multifunction key and press the volume up key. The reset does not clear the headset settings.









  • Yoni
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Thanks for posting back with the fix. 

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Honestly I have just bought thr devixe today and I'm really disappointed. Once fully charged I was able to play music while it was connected to the charger. The moment I removed the charger it died. I don't think it's playing dead anymore... I think it's actually dead. Maybe I got a dud, but if anyone has any solutions please help! I have tried the reset option where I hold down the multifunction key and volume up together and this did nothing.  

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.