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Unlocking E61 from 3 [Nokia E61 - 126969]

Hello friends, Will be very grateful if someone directs me about any shop/person who unlocks this fabulous phone which is currently locked on to the 3 network. I know I can call 3 and ask for a unlock code and the amount they are asking is ridiculous. Many thanks for reading this thread and thanks in advance for all your help
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I'm afraid the only way to unlock this handset is via the service provider. Nobody's managed to figure out a way to unlock this baby yet.. Selene -- Forum Search - you know you want to...
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You again! You really do get around, dont you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Its a phone, for crissakes, not a bloody pacemaker!
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If I didn't know any better, I would say you are either bored or are stalking me ;-) Selene -- Forum Search - you know you want to...
Hi Selene, I noticed that you have been looking for the unlock code of this phone since August 2006. I am also in same situation at the moment, did you find any solution for this unlock, my E61 is also from 3 network. Please let me know if you found the solution on Thanks,
  • selene
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Hello, No. But then again, I''ve not bothered to look as my E61 is already unlocked. The only way for you to unlock this handset is by contacting your service provider. By the way, you might want to remove your email address if you don''t want to be spammed to death :-) Oh and welcome :-) Selene --- FORUM SEARCH
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Folks, if you happen to pass thru asia, get the phones from here as the phones purchased here are all unlocked version. I have purchased nokia phones from Dubai, Indonesia, singapore and it has no issues. Nope I am not in the business of Mobile phones - just a fan of Nokia phones. I buy where it is the cheapest. rgds
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...or buy a sim free one from the UK which is also already unlocked lol! Just be warned there have been some issues with Nokia warrenty from handsets that arent registered as being UK handsets, ie our Nokia service centre recently had to refuse to repair a handset that was purchased in Malasia.
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Yes, Nokia do get a bit funny about fixing handsets bought from different countries. There is now a solution for people in the US but I''ve yet to find a solution for other countries The other thing people need to be aware of is that the language packs on the handsets will differ depending on the country of origin and it isn''t always possible to change them, especially if it is a series 40 handset Selene --- FORUM SEARCH - DO IT
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Hai instead of going store to unlock your phone,you can unlock it from online unlocking service providers. There are of plenty of providers available to get unlocking services. I would sugguest this site  to get the code and unlock your Nokia e61  at low cost. To get the code first you have to specify your network service provider and which  country it is locked now.Then they send unlock code through mail.  I also got unlock code from here and i have unlocked my nokia e 61 from  3 Australia

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you can try any online service provider instead of going to your network provider...