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E90 / Line 2 supported? [Nokia E90 Communicator - 146170]

Could anyone tell me if the E90 supports ALS (Alternate Line Service) or Line 2 as it is sometimes known? 

Many thanks! Guy
  • AndyGC
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Yes it does, but only on T-Mobile and Orange i believe
Thanks Andy, I'm on Orange but just needed to check that the device will actually support my two-line Orange Sim. Out of interest, would you be able to tell me if the units coming in at the end of December will have the latest 7.40 firmware on them? 

Thanks again,

  • Airax
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I can't 100% confirm until the handsets actually arrive at the eXpansys warehouse. However these handsets are direct from Nokia, so I'd be surprised if they don't carry the latest UK firmware.  However please be advised that our date has change to 08/01/2007, apologies for the delay, but some aspects are beyound our control.

Thanks again for the reply. I agree, if they're coming direct from Nokia it would be very surprising if the latest firmware wasn't on board. Thanks also for the heads up on the revised due date.