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New owner of a used E90 [Nokia E90 Communicator - 146170]

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I always wanted 1 of these phones. I already own a T-mobile Nokia 6133. Not a bad phone in itself. Now that Tmobile has gone 3G, I thought it was time to get an E90.

Neat phone. Closed it looks like another bar phone. Then you open it up and it looks like a mini laptop!

Now I have some questions............

About the built in browser. I realize a cell phone isn't like a PC. But when ever I log on the internet, I have to constantly change the font to something I can see. And the Web pages. I remember thinking of getting a 9300. But the owner complained about it being too much like a Blackberry. Now I understand!

My question is, will upgrading the phones software help with the browsing? Or is there a third party browser I can use that is more like MS explorer?

I also want to know how to check for the software version. The instructions say to punch in a special combination of numbers. 

 But when I do that, the phone dials the number!

 OK, maybe instead of asking questions here, I can talk to someone who is an expert of Nokia E90's.

 Is there anyone out there knowledgable about E90's?

 Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated



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 firmware version is *#0000#  ( don;t press send)


Opera Mini is considered one of the best browsers available. I get on fine with the standard one though.


Updating firmware is always a good thing IMHO just make sure you back up your data first. it depends on what version you are on already and what vesrion your model supports as to what improvements they made.