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Dismal To Do List Facility [Nokia E90 Communicator - 146170]

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One of the things I liked about my Nokia 9500 was that I could create multiplecategories for my To Do's.  This meant that I could manage a caseload.  The To Do facility that comes with the E90 doesn't allow this.  I bought Papyrus, a kind of PIM-overcoat for the native system, and this allows multiple categories, but it takes an age to create the categories and another age to access your To Do's when you have organised them.  Is there any other PIM or PIM overcoat out there that will allow me to do this simple thing?

 DataViz brought out Beyond Contacts to replace the Palm PIM, and this worked brilliantly, allowing the user to over-ride Palm's fifteen category limit.  But I can't seem to find anything useful for the E90.

 Can anybody advise?