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  • nsuro80
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hello out there !

i live in Australia and have just bought an E90 on ebay -it appears to be a Chinese market model - looks new - but may have been refurbished - the instruction book is very thin and printed on crappy paper and to be honest - not much good !

it appears to work ok - 

i would like to learn how to use the phone to its best capabilities

i am not much of a mobile phone user , and am not really up with things - but i like gadgets !

i would like to learn  mainly how to use the maps function - but looks like i have stuffed it already !!

i downloaded new maps from the nokia website - but now the screen has gone blank with a red dot in the middle of the screen ! ,and of course wiped out the preinstalled maps in the phone

i get the feeling that i have downloded a new map operating system for want of a better word - and now still need to download the actual maps???

i know someone else with a communicator that has the maps on it - can i transfer the maps from his phone to my phone via bluetooth?? 

the other thing is - is using the maps actually free ?? i dont need turn by turn navigation - just something that i can look at to tell me where i am when walking down the street ! , and look at where friends live in other parts of the world

thanks for your time , Murray Mules 











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Hello Murray,

If you want to have a look at the User GUide you can find it here:

Nokia E90 Communicator User Guide (English)

I don't know if it is the same as you got supplied with your phone.

For more information on the Maps software look here:

Using Nokia Maps (English)

I hope this helps.

Kenneth Eilertsen (Quality Engineer, eXpansys)

  • nsuro80
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hello - thanks for the reply - can the correct maps be bluetoothed from another E90 phone??

pls pardon my ignorance - but isnt there the map software package, and then the maps themselves that need to be loaded ?

at the top left of the screen is says : no info available - even when you get a GPS signal

there is a map of the world on the screen - but when you zoom in there is no detail

als o when you do a search it says that : nothing found offline


thanks, Murray mules