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Using E90 for Remote Desktop / Terminal Service Client [Nokia E90 Communicator - 146170]

  • nex100
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as the title suggests, is it remotely possible to use the E90 to login to a windows server via RDP or Terminal Services or Citrix with a third party software? which software?

  • Dykcim
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The E90 has support for Java, and there are few Java Based RDP clients on the market, so theretically I would say yes. How useful/functional it would be is a different question, you might have to scroll around a bit, but for remote support it would be great. The other piece to the puzzle for most people would  be a VPN client, which you might find a little more difficult to find depending on what & who's technology your using for VPN connectivity.

I soon as these Bl**dy things are actually released by Nokia in Australia...I'll start to play with the idea.