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Nokia 5140 and HF-3 handsfree [Nokia HF-3 Plug-In Car Handsfree - 113899]

I have the above and am unable to make it work all the time. I also have the same kit for my wifes 6610 and she gets the same problem. It will work once, then when plugged again it reverts to the phones loudspeaker. My wifes maybe 1 time in 10 will show up the car logo but usually shows the headset. Its driving us mad. The book is useless and I have tried every combination of settings. How bloody hard can it be. Arrrrrrrrr
I seem to have the same problem I have recently bought an HF-3 car kit for my 6230. It was working just fine for the first day - now it doesn't seem to recognise the HF-3 properly Instead of getting a little picture of a car on the centre of the screen (when plugged in to the HF-3), I get the headset picture...and nothing is coming out of the speaker
I have worked it out (with Nokia's help) You need to go Settings Enhancement Settings Handsfree Ignition detector - and select 'On' Then power down your phone and remove the battery for 10 mins (to clear the local memory) It now works for me DK