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Incorrect USB in box? [Nokia N85 - 172674]

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Just received my new N85 this morning and discovered what looks to be a possible mis-pack by Nokia.

Instead of the supposed CA-101 mini-usb cable in the box, I have found a DKE-2 USB cable which does not fit the mini-usb socket on the N85.

Would it be possible for someone to confirm what cable is supplied in the box?  I have checked on both your site and on nokia and confirmed it reads that it should have been a CA-101 included.


Col.  Those on here, especially during the weekends are mainly volunteers.  We don't have any access to eXpansys stock or systems.

My advice to you would sadly be wait until Monday morning and contact your country's local office.  If you are based in the UK, speak to the manchester office on 0161 868 0868 - they will be able to ensure your problem is rectified asap.

I'm gutted for you, I hate when new toys get delivered and you can't play :)

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