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no light ? [Nokia N85 - 172674]

hello, is there any way of making the camra light to come on by its self at all ? other than to start filming , my prevoius k850 had i torch on which was very handy

Perhaps.  Have a look here

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wow, thats looks like just the ticket thanks, ive down loaded it,and will see about putting in on latter, do i have to use the nokia software to put it on or can i just plug my phone in ?

another thing its missing which was useful was the predictive typing, when it would guess the next word after the one i was typing, i dont mean the usual bit that works the spelling out that they all do, say for instance if i was typing good morning, the word moring would come up in grey text after ive entered the word good,can that be sorted to ?

there dont seam to be much on the forum for the n85

I know what you mean but I am not sure if there is an app for it.  Perhaps if you just keep using it, it will eventually learn it.  My Winmo phone does the same thing - like if you had typed "I was on the forum" today then in another sentence you typed "I was" it would then pop up with "on" then when you selected it, "the" would appear.  I don't know what it's called so would be unable to search for it but that link I gave you before highlights a free symbian software site, which is apparently very good.  You may just have to search through there.

I don't use Nokias at all, so sorry I am not much help.

As for installing that software, most symbian devices I have used in the past (Sony Ericsson M600i, w960i) just let you copy the files across then install from the phone but if you're new to the device it may be easier to install it through the PC suite instead.

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spoke too soon, managed to install it but does not work


The N79/N85 have dual LED flashes but they cannot be used as a torch.  The only recent nokia smartphone that can use it's LED's as a torch is the 5800xm.

With this in mind, I would look around for those apps that use the screen as a torch - they put a white image on the screen.  However this is an OLED screen so I would advise against this.


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