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n86 Screen issues (intermittent white line) [Nokia N86 - 179190]

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Posted this yesterday and it has been deleted for some reason.........

Original post:

Awoke 2 mornings ago to find a white line down the screen of my n86. This is my second n86 from expansys having returned the last one for the same issue. That time the line was permanent whereas this time it seems to be intermittent and varying in intensity. I would like to know if this is a known problem with this phone because it is becoming rather annoying.

 @ step666- cheers for the reply.

Unfortunately i have no idea what a flex cable is, could you possibly elaborate?

Is anyone else suffering a similar problem with their n86?


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I'm really not sure what happened to the previous thread.
Got an e-mail notification about a reply to it but when I clicked the link, all I got was an error message.

A flex cable is a thin, ribbon-style cable (if you're familiar with computers, think similar to an IDE or floppy drive cable only smaller) which connects the from and rear halves of the phone.
Because in handsets like the N86 the cable has to move when the phone is slid open and shut, it's possible for the cable to be damaged, get pulled out slightly or whatever but it generally shows up as intermittent display issues, though it's also possible for it to affect any buttons on the front half of the phone.
These sorts of fault are not specific to the N86 or, indeed, any more model of slider handset. They can affect any handsets that have moving parts.

Thankfully, it'll be covered by the warranty but, if you're outside the first 28 days since you purchased the handset, you will need to have it repaired instead of replaced.