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Nokia N-Gage Available for more devices [Nokia N96 - 163456]

The N-Gage application will be available for additional devices soon, including the Nokia XpressMusic 5320, Nokia N78, Nokia N96, Nokia N73, Nokia N93i, and Nokia N93.

N-Gage compatible devices are released in regional-specific variants. Unfortunately, the N-Gage application is not currently certified with all regional variants. Even if you are able to install the N-Gage application on an unsupported regional variant, purchase or activation function on certified variants only.
To determine which regional variant you have, please follow the instructions below:

1. Switch your device display to standby mode.
2. Enter *#0000# on your device.
3. View your software version number on your device display.

Nokia N95 
(RM-159) N95-1
(RM-160) N95-5 (North America)
(RM-245) N95-3 (2G/China)
 Supported Firmware 20.0.15
Not Supported
Not Supported
Nokia N95 8GB
(RM-320) N95-2 8GB
(RM-421) N95-4 8GB (Americas)
(RM-321) N95 8GB (2G/China)  Supported Firmware 10.0.021
Not Supported
Not Supported 
Nokia N82
(RM-313) N82-1
(RM-314) N82 (2G/China)
 Supported Firmware 11.0.117
Not Supported 
Nokia N81
(RM-223) N81-3
(RM-256) N81 (2G/China) Supported 10.0.053 & 11.0.045
Supported Firmware 10.1.031
Nokia N81 8GB
(RM-179) N81-1 8GB  Supported Firmware 10.0.032

You may visit this link to download the N-Gage Application.