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Setting default power state of Merlin card to D0 or ON [Novatel Wireless Merlin U630 3G/GSM/GPRS PC Card Modem - 119225]

  • dinoscanz
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We have an application where we require the Merlin PC card to be in the D0 power state (ON) by default. The default behaviour of the Novatel 3G card is that it "sleeps" (D3 power state) until an application accesses it. Is there any user setting that could change this for the Merlin U630? Our particular applicaton tries to connect to the card and if a successful connection isn't detected within 10 seconds, we consider this a connection error. We've considered putting in a configurable delay to wait for more than 10 seconds, but the actual response of the card when connecting to the UMTS network varies based on the network and the signal strength. We came up with an ugly workaround for the problem - We created a HyperTerminal Applet instance (.ht file) that connects the secondary COM port. We launch a batch command script as a service which calls the HT applet. The background hyperterminal connects to the Merlin secondary port which powers up the card. We then are able to access the primary port of the Merlin with our application without any delay at all. Like I said, this is a bit ugly and I would rather try to have something a bit more clean. Is it possible to configure the default power state device behaviour without touching the driver?
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have you tried calling novatel support on 01202 725485 they are very helpful and should be able to tell you if the card can be changed to power state (on) by default, another reason for wanting the card to stay on would be if you wanted to connect to the 3g network using windows dial up networking currently the card does not start up and find the network before windows reports an error so to make a connection you have to connect through mobilink.
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Hi, I believe that the command you are looking for is at+cfun=1;+cgdcont=1,"ip","my_mobile_provider"... The "at+cfun=1" will ensure that the card is powered ... Hopefully this helps Arthur