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Versions GM1900 vs. GM1903 [OnePlus 7 Dual-SIM GM1900 - 317394]

  • Charles
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  • Join Date: 1 July 2019

Can you please advise what's the difference between GM1900 vs. GM1903?  In particular, does the GM1900 8G/256RAM) come with:

1)  Two prong 110V plug not Indian or other country plug)?

2)  Does this version ship with Oxygen OS or Hydrogen OS?

3)  What is your warranty for phone when purchased directly from your site?

Your replies are appreciated!




  • Nicole FC Staff
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Hi Charles,

GM1900 - CN version with CN plug.OxygenOS based on Android 9

GM1903 - Global version, Plug type depends on the current version.OxygenOS based on Android 9

For Taiwan, we provide 7 days return limited warranty for our customers.

For more tail: