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OnePlus 7 Pro Dual-SIM GM1913 – Support Forum

My OnePlus 7 Pro impressions after a weekend with it [OnePlus 7 Pro Dual-SIM GM1913 - 317395]

Two days in to the OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB variant), previously had a Pixel 2 XL that I liked a lot despite its flaws eg the horrible grainy screen) but felt was getting a bit slow.

What I like:-

  • It’s very fast, really noticeably so versus my old 2 XL.

  • The screen is very nice, although weirdly the colours look paler / more washed out than my Pixel on the default “Vibrant” calibration. It’s warmer / more saturated, which I like, on the advanced mode.

  • No notch or top/bottom bezel is pretty cool.

  • Build quality is nice and premium, even though I've been keeping it in the jelly case most of the time.

  • The slide-out front facing camera feels really space age, I like it.

  • Battery life seems good, around 7 and a half hours SOT, but it’s early days.

  • Warp charging is really awesome – genuinely get 50 charge in 20 mins.

  • The slider for vibration / silent / sound more feels good and is quite handy. I probably will end up having it on silent all the time though.

  • Vibration motor is very nice.

What I don’t like:-

  • In screen fingerprint scanner is stupid, IMO. The one on the back of the phone was more practical, because I didn't have to tap on the screen before enabling it, and because I could swipe down to bring the notification shade down which is really handy on such large screens. There have also been a lot of times when it's taken quite a while to read my fingerprint. Edit: I know I can swipe down on the homescreen, I meant while in apps.)

  • No always-on ambient display is annoying and feels like a step back.

  • The curved edge screen glare is annoying, and the screen aspect ratio means you’re stuck with black bars on either side if you watch a 16:9 video and don’t want to crop out the top and bottom of the video.

  • The built-in camera software is pretty bad in some conditions. The Gcam mod I’ve found seems to work well but it’s kind of annoying not to be able to use the stock app, esp as the Gcam mod only works with the main camera, not the close-up or wide angle lens cameras.

  • I wish there was an easy way of turning off heads-up notifications without using ADB or going to Do Not Disturb mode, which to me defeats the point of the slider.

Overall I like the phone and I’m glad I got it, but I will be a lot happier if they solve the issues above that they can solve with software updates. If you're on the edge with a 2 XL I wouldn't say there's a huge case for upgrading, unless you really want to, but it's a nice phone and I doubt you'd regret it if you do. 

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Do you know how long it took for you to get the phone after ordering it? How long did it take for stock to arrive?