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BL-C10 CAMERA COULDN'T GET IP & MAP ADDRESS(NEED HELP) [Panasonic BL-C10 Miniature Pan and Tilt IP Camera - 126211]

  • mschai
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Recently i had 4 units ip camera, the model no is BL-C10CE, don't know why i try so many times to configure the ip cam & also can't get the map address OR IP address.i used default IP address to configure but at last also couldn't get the IP address, is it the network connection must round to the existing user server?if the camera direct attach to the network switch then to the PC,is it possible to run?I means network connection without rounding to existing user network switch & server,This type of model can run as standalone (camera direct attach to the user PC without rounding to existin network swith or server)..i need the solution & information from your to sattled my problem.. thank's
  • y-cam
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The camera won't work if it is directly connected to a PC cos it needs a router. Check your user manual and it should say so. Regards View your world from anywhere... anytime...