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Not charging and can't be seen by Autoroute 2007 (and others) [Pharos Bluetooth Dock For Microsoft Streets & Trips + GPS - 145004]

  • yee_har
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Hi Has anybody got this and is using it successfully with a laptop? Whilst mine works fine with the originally supplied GPS module and USB cable I have two issues with the dock: * it doesn''t appear to fully charge (light doesn''t turn green) * after charging for what should be at least the right amount of time the dock pairs with my laptop and sets up "out" and "in" COM ports....but no luck trying to connect to it from Autoroute. I get the message "The communication port (com) is available, but no signal is received. Make sure the GPS receiver is turned on and connected to the correct port". < It is switched on(!) and the ports appear to be fine in Device Manager. Also, the GPS/BT combo. can''t be seen from the GPSINFO utility; but that utility can see the GPS module when connected by USB. Has anybody here had any luck with this or can suggest things for me to try to get this working. Cheers
Hi, I suspect this might be a defective product, but try contacting Pharos for support first. The website is If the product is found to be defective eXpansys will take it back under the Pharos warranty. Regards, Kevin Taylor Product Manager Mobile Planet/eXpansys USA