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Charging issue [Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 Smartphone 16GB - 236117]

I've been having more and more issues with charging this phone.


Initially it would just take a very long time to charge. Sometimes as long as 10 hours.

But now, I'm not sure if it charges at all!  Today I plugged it into the charger and after 1 hour the phone shut off, than came back on again, then shut off again than started again.

I unplugged it from the charger and turned it off. Left it for five minutes, turned it back on and the charge was showing as 30%. I plugged it in and afte I while I checked and the charge was down to 18%. So it discharged whilst plugged into the charger.

This is the same charger my wife use on her LG phone and works quite well. it outputs 2A @ 5V so should be more than enough.

I'm not sure what to do. The phone is still on warrenty. Perhaps it needs a new battery?



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Sounds like it could be the battery or possibly an issue with the charging port (I remember having a similar issue with an old HTC Desire Z a few years ago). Can you let me know which region you ordered in so we can direct to the proper customer service?


Hello, I am in the UK. I purchased the phone through Expansys so I should be on their records for any warrenty service.