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The ativ s screen flashing after it boots up [Samsung ATIV S Windows 8 Smartphone 16GB - 236117]

How to restart the phone normally.

Good day

I have tried the hard reset but it did not work.

1. Make sure you have enough battery life.

2. Turn off the Ativ-S phone by pressing the power button and holding it for a few seconds then scroll down to turn off the phone.

3. Press the Volume Down Key + Power Key to turn on the unit

4. Still hold the volume down key, the release Power Key.

5. Wait for the startup screen booting with an exclamation mark " ! " then release the volume down key.

6. Press the following buttons in the following order: press the volume up (high volume key) ==> press volume key down (low volume key) ==> press the power key ==> press volume down key.

7. Wait a moment and look at the screen, a message such as loading new software will start the hard reset process